Transatlantic Mechanical Skill Share

21 February 2024

Having just completed the refurbishment of one engine in specialist Double Pumping Unit ‘CB10’, two highly skilled mechanics will be travelling from the Technology Centre in Chester UK later this week to assist their American colleagues with the refit of ‘CB8’ in Houston TX.

Cokebusters Senior Mechanic working on specialist double pumping unit CB10

CB10 recently returned to our UK Headquarters in need of some serious mechanical TLC after one of the engines reached the end of its working life.  Led by Senior Mechanic, Andy Williams, our workshop team jumped on it straight away and this specialist Double Pumping Unit is now returning to service.

Over in Houston, the Cokebusters USA workshop team is embarking on a full rebuild of one of the Cummins engines on CB8.  Given the mechanical complexities of this task, Andy Williams and Bryn Austin have volunteered to fly out and lend a hand.  Together with their American colleagues, they’ll spend 3 days working specifically on this engine which recently experienced a catastrophic turbo failure, which damaged a number of the cylinders.  Both mechanics are looking forward to a break from the dreary winter weather in North Wales and Andy has even promised to pack his good overalls!

Cokebusters bespoke pumping units at Technology Centre Chester UK

As we work to strengthen the relationship between our two bases in the United Kingdom and the United States, we are actively encouraging greater collaboration between respective teams.

We are fortunate to have so many skilled individuals in the Cokebusters family on both sides of the Atlantic and believe that we are stronger when we share our knowledge and ideas.  Recognising that face to face engagement is crucial in building these ties, we will look to find more opportunities – in amongst busy working schedules – for our team members to visit each other and find more ways to collaborate to best serve their departments.