Tube Integrity Analysis

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Fitness-for-service assessments aim to provide an accurate assessment of an asset’s ability to continue operation until a planned future date; typically, the next planned inspection of the asset, without premature component failure. The decision to rerate, repair or replace is both an important safety and financial decision – with the potential for massive consequences if the incorrect decision is made, it is imperative many factors are considered.

Utilising the mass quantity of data obtained from the Merlin inspection, a supplementary tube integrity report is available to compliment the inspection report. Accurate critical thickness profiles can be obtained, reducing unnecessary conservatism typically found when using point thickness readings obtained using more traditional methods. The integrity report includes Level 1 and 2 fitness for service and remaining life assessments carried out in accordance with API 579 / ASME FFS-1 standards.

Level 3 assessments are available upon request through our partners ALS Asset Integrity.

Key Features

  • Individual level 1 and 2 Fitness for Service reports for individual local or general metal loss flaws
  • Accurate critical thickness profiling of individual defects
  • Remaining life assessment provided per process tube
  • Minimum allowable wall thickness (Tmin) calculations
  • Minimum allowable working pressure (MAWP) calculations
  • Recommendations on future operating periods and operating parameters provided

A full Merlin sample integrity
report is available upon request