Coke Removal Verification

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One of the biggest challenges encountered by traditional decoking methods is verifying the effectiveness of the decoking operation. Traditionally, various rudimentary techniques and indications are used to identify the internal cleanliness of a process pass. Using the Merlin Smartpig, we are able to provide an accurate coke removal verification service to ensure a pass is clean following any decoking operation.

Should our Coke Removal Verification be requested by the client as an additional service, the data gathered from our smart pig can be used to accurately locate and quantify areas of coke and internal fouling. Equipped with this knowledge, our decoking operators are able to perform a safer and more efficient service by concentrating their efforts only on the tubes where coke remains.

Traditional Techniques

CRV Advantages

Traditional Techniques

Identifying visible striations on scraper pigs

Running a “sizer pig” through the pass

Unable to identify if a pass is clean


CRV Advantages

Precise coke/fouling location within the coil/pipework (longitudinal and circumferential)

Quantification of coke thickness

Identification and location of hotspots

Maximises cleaning efficiency and speed

Our Insight Vision 3D software is used to produce C-scans which help to give a clearer understanding of the patterns of internal fouling. As the only “true” way of determining if process tubes are clean, clients are given the peace of mind that comes from not simply being told their tubes are clean but also being able to see it.


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