Water Filtration

Water Filtration

The Challenge

During mechanical cleaning of process tubing, significant quantities of contaminated water are generated. 

Cokebusters’ pumping units can hold 4800 gallons (22,000 litres) of water and will typically circulate through the process tubing at 100-200 gpm. On-board filtration will retain debris down to 750µm, for subsequent removal and responsible disposal. Residual water is subject to disposal using on-site drainage. 

In certain locations access to large quantities of clean water is restricted, making it a precious commodity. 

The Solution

Cokebusters has designed, built and successfully patented a water filtration machine for use in mechanical cleaning operations. 

The water filtration machine is a 4 stage unit capable of progressive filtration down to 1µm at a rate of 150gpm. The process involves the use of settling tanks and filtration pods. 

At this level the water is considered sufficiently clean for re-use or a vastly enhanced disposal standard. 

The machine is a containerised unit, deployed by road trailer. Once on site it is connected, via a frac tank, between the inlet and outlet of the pumping unit.

Key Features 

  • 4,000 gallon capacity 
  • Multi-stage filtration down to 1 µm 
  • Fully automated system  
  • PLC touch screen controls 
  • Digital flow and level monitoring system 
  • Climatised control room 
  • Self-contained – no support vehicles required 
  • Able to work alongside soda ash wash configuration 

Advantages of the Filtration Machine 

  • Filtration of contaminated water down to 1µm 
  • Effectively and safely removes contaminated waste water including hydrocarbons, targeted for disposal 
  • Through recycling, reduces the demand and cost associated with a continuous water supply 
  • Can be utilised for other water filtration projects 

To date over 3 million gallons of water successfully recycled!