Specialist Pumping Unit Returns to Work After Significant Refurbishment

25 January 2024

Having undergone significant refurbishment at our Technology Centre, this bespoke double pumping unit is undergoing final tests ready for her return to service delivering mechanical cleaning and piping inspection services next week.

Cokebusters technology centre test loop used to assess performance of all patented equipment including scraper pigs, intelligent pigs and double pumping units

Cokebusters has always designed and built its own specialist equipment. We continuously innovate and improve the tools we use to service our clients’ needs. By internalising the manufacturing of our equipment we reduce supply chain dependency, affording more flexibility and agency over our production process.

In order to respond promptly to our clients’ needs we position our pumping units at key strategic locations and design them with transportation in mind.  CB6 was originally manufactured in house in 2011 as part of our “containerised” fleet to be easily shipped across the globe. Her first stop was India where she served 2 years in Jamnagar for Reliance Industries. She was later shipped from Mumbai to Santiago to serve the Chilean market. After over a decade, Cokebusters brought her home to our UK workshop for refurbishment.

With updated pumps, repurposed engines, a full electrical system refurbishment and a much needed face-lift, CB6 is now ready to get back on the road! Her first stop will be Phillips 66 where our operators look forward to showing her off…

Cokebusters bespoke double pumping unit undergoing final tests ahead of returning to mechanical cleaning and piping inspection works