New CEO at Cokebusters USA

02 May 2024

We are very pleased to offer a warm welcome to Kevin Fordham who joins us as the new CEO of Cokebusters USA Inc. in Houston, Texas.

Kevin has circa thirty years experience in the energy industry which has taken him through the spectrum of operations, engineering and consulting services including maintenance, reliability and integrity, initially with ExxonMobil and latterly Petrofac.  Just one week in, Kevin has already made an impact visiting valued clients and reshaping his team to prepare for a new season of growth ahead.

Embracing this new chapter in his working life, Kevin says: “In both the US and the UK Cokebusters is growing fast and the opportunity is enormous!  We have some amazingly skilled and hard-working individuals delivering our services to valued clients on site and in key supporting roles at our premises.  The work ethic of our team here in Houston is inspiring and their enthusiasm is infectious.  To come in at this stage and help steer the ship here in the USA as Cokebusters continues to invest in its people and develop its technology to serve the ever changing demands of the energy industry is a very exciting prospect for me.”

Cokebusters founder John Phipps MBE appoints a new CEO of Cokebusters USA Inc.
Cokebusters has been operating across America, Mexico and South America for over a decade and has delivered an impressive array of services to an increasingly broad range of customers.  Entering the next phase of our expansion we will be making additional investment in new pumping unit technology, water filtration equipment and a new generation of smart (intelligent) pigs scheduled for launch in winter 2024.

Cokebusters has always prioritised investment in its technology and has established itself as a market-leader in the field of mechanical cleaning and piping inspection.  I look forward to connecting with existing clients here in the US, as well as exploring new opportunities and bringing my own experience to the table to help move the company forward as it continues to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Coming from a more corporate background, it’s refreshing to move back into a smaller enterprise where it’s possible to have a greater impact.  At its heart Cokebusters is a family business and its values reflect this.  I have been made to feel very welcome already and look forward to building positive working relationships with team members both here and at the UK Technology Centre.  Building on the transatlantic relationship; working together and sharing our knowledge and experiences will enable us to deliver the best possible service to our clients all over the world.

New Cokebusters USA CEO, Kevin Fordham, visits the UK Technology Centre

2024 certainly feels like a pivotal moment for Cokebusters as we embrace change and go back to first principles to restructure, improve our processes and expand our resources in order to meet the demands of our broadening client base.  Those who are joining us this year bring with them a wealth of experience and the company is ready to learn from them as we all work together to serve our international clients.

Meanwhile, in the background, our crews and equipment in Houston continue to deploy to sites across USA and Mexico.  It’s very much business as usual, but now also better business.