Asset Assurance

At your service

Cokebusters is uniquely placed to not only collect inspection data, subsequently assess and analyse integrity, but also to provide a competence which offers a first, second, or a third party assurance of the inspection/integrity results through our associates. 

Due Diligence

Increasingly, shareholders, insurers, reinsurers and buyers are seeking a greater degree of confidence that their inventory is safe, sustainable and appropriately equitable. 

Many businesses operate an internal assurance of inventory and procure external services to support their assessment of residual or comparative risk. 

Not only does this apply to incumbent operating equipment, but as part of due diligence it can serve to reinforce transition base lining as well as inform asset transfer. 

Unpiggable Pipelines

Many business have identified significant ‘unpiggable / uninspectable’ stock leading to an unquantifiable risk on operational inventory.  The reasons for such can include: 

  • Diameter outside the range of conventional inspection pigs 
  • Accessibility challenges 
  • Complex geometries 
  • In-line diametric changes 
  • Economics of short length inspection 

Traditionally, ‘unpiggable’ inventory was an accepted normal.  The Cokebusters’ single bodied design opens up opportunities to bringing such inventory into the realms of inspectability.  As such the opportunity to ensure and assure such portfolio can be exploited and the overall risk portfolio Cokebusters will work with the owner/operator to identify those elements of the inventory which can now be available for inspection. 

Due to the nature of our business model we are willing to collaboratively invest in technologies to make available other parts of the portfolio.