Containment Integrity

A loss of primary containment in the form of a process safety event is typically well understood.  Unmitigated, the consequences can result in loss of life, damage to asset, production, reputation and increasingly harm to the environment. 

Fundamental is the requirement to remain within the parameters of the equipment Performance Standard, in particular to ensure integrity threats are sufficiently understood and managed. 

A robust inspection and integrity management programme is an essential component of barrier management and consequently of threat avoidance. 

Inspection and integrity management is not a physical barrier/control as such, but a procedural one.  It is also a likely component requirement to manage all the integrity threats, not just corrosion. 

As it navigates, the Cokebusters’ intelligent pig collects a vast cargo of inspection data, configured according to the parameters of the inspection campaign. 

The resultant data is cleaned, ordered and reported in tabular and graphical formats. 

To gain a true impression of the performance of the integrity envelope the opportunity for informed calculative assessment is available. 

Accurate critical thickness profiles can be obtained, reducing unnecessary conservatism typically found when using point thickness readings obtained using more traditional methods.   

The integrity report includes Level 1 and 2 fitness for service and remaining life assessments carried out in accordance with API 579 / ASME FFS-1 standards. 

Fitness-for-service assessments aim to provide an accurate assessment of an asset’s ability to continue operation until a planned future date; typically, the next planned inspection of the asset, without premature component failure.  

Level 3 assessments can be undertaken which provide a deeper insight into the response of the asset to inspection findings. 

Beyond such analysis Cokebusters provides a competence for corrosion risk assessment, corrosion management and the opportunity to support customers with risk based decision making in support of setting inspection intervals. 

It is noteworthy that in an era of progressive sustainability and with a requirement to demonstrably deliver leading indicators against emissions reduction, Cokebusters will work with customers to support, in particular, their Scope 1 and 2 green house gas commitments.