Mechanical Decoking

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Decoking Technology

Mechanical decoking, or “pigging”, has been proven to be the most effective method of removing internal fouling, coke and scale from the inner surface of fired heater and boiler process tubes. Drawing on extensive operational experience, Cokebusters has advanced to become a world leading provider for mechanical decoking.

Key Features

  • Progressive mechanical decoking system utilising Cokebusters patented scraper pigs
  • Designed to ensure 360° circumferential coverage of bends and pipework
  • Designed to manoeuvre short radius return bends, plug headers, mule ears and flat-back bends
  • Bi-directional operation and control of scraper pigs
  • Low pressure operation (typical operational pressure of 250PSI)
  • Continuous monitoring of pressure, flow and pig positioning
  • Residual water can be removed from process pipework following cleaning operations if required
  • Full passivation procedure for stainless steel tubing as per NACE standard RP0170 requirements
  • Optional  coke removal verification  by ultrasonic intelligent pig

S21 Double Pumping Units

  • Self-contained with no support vehicle required
  • Two-stage filtration system for on-board collection and storage of coke and scale fragments
  • Automatic emergency Chalwyn™ and Roda Deaco™ shut down
  • Exhaust systems equipped with spark arresters
  • Pressure and flow monitoring software


  • Effective removal of coke contamination from fired heater process tubes within Delayed Cokers (DCU), Crude Distillations (CDU), Vacuum Distillations and Charge Heaters
  • Effective removal of coke contamination from transfer lines
  • Effective removal of internal scale from HRSG and OTSG boilers
  • Pre-cleaning for Merlin inspection of process tubes

Regular mechanical decoking and in-line inspection has been consistently proven to:

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