New Appointments at Cokebusters

19 January 2024

This month we welcome our new Director of Operations to the Cokebusters team at the same time as former Innovation and Development Manager, Nick Bettley, begins his new role as Director of Technology. We are very pleased to have two such dynamic individuals helping to steer the company as we navigate through this exciting period of growth.

With a background in engineering and extensive experience in the international Oil and Gas industry, Charles joins us from Baker Hughes where he rose through the ranks to become a Project Manager.  Seeking a new challenge, Charles was attracted to Cokebusters for the growth opportunity and the dynamic business environment.  Having cut his teeth in a large corporate environment, he looks forward to making his mark in a smaller, more nimble company.

Director of Operations at Cokebusters Technology Centre, Charles Bushnell

Initially I was impressed by the technology coming out of this relatively small company based out of North Wales and I could immediately see a huge potential introducing their services to new markets.  As I learned more about Cokebusters, I discovered a zealous operations team with an exceptional reactivity to problem solving.  I’m excited by the opportunity to lead this team as it grows and takes on new challenges.

Charles has a strong understanding of the industry earned both on the ground and more recently managing large international projects.  As the company expands and diversifies it will without doubt benefit from Charles’ skills in streamlining, scheduling & planning, enabling Cokebusters to further support its clients needs.

Cokebusters Director of Technology Nick Bettley

At Cokebusters, we have always seen the value of research & development; pushing the boundaries of what is possible, or in our case “piggable”.  Our patented tube inspection technology has evolved from humble beginnings in the early 2000s to now enabling us to offer a reliable and profoundly valuable service to our clients all over the world.

As we emerged from the COVID pandemic, we realised this “innovation” aspect of the business needed its own dedicated department if Cokebusters was going to maintain its position as a world leader in piping inspection technology.  Nick Bettley was chosen to establish this new technology department and with support of his team he has led the drive to increase the capability and resilience of our inspection tools.

Last month the company was pleased to invite Nick to join the Board of Directors, recognising his personal dedication and loyalty and also confirming Cokebusters’ commitment to continued investment in its technology.

I am obviously very pleased to be offered this opportunity and am proud of the technology department we’ve built at Cokebusters which will only continue to grow. Technological advances are constantly being made to ensure our operations team has the equipment to deliver the best possible service to our clients.  Following the launch of the Mark VI – the smallest untethered intelligent pig in the world – we’re now focused on continuing the development of the prototype MKVII inspection tool which we which we aim to have operational by the end of the year .