New Double Pumping Unit Destined for the Middle East

18 May 2023

Our latest state of the art machine, CB#19, rolled out of the workshops last week and is now undergoing commissioning on our test loops here in Chester, UK.

Once completed she will be fully cleaned, branded and stocked ready to start her career on site in the GCC region.  We already have a number of machines based in the region supporting existing contracts, but in response to increasing opportunities we are working to supply more specialist equipment.


CB#19 is one of the largest machines we have constructed thus far.  Here are some key stats:-

  • 48 feet long
  • double pumping Scania engines
  • Tier 4 emissions control package
  • 1,150 mechanical cleaning pigs
  • 175m of flexible hoses
  • 28,000 litre water tanks
  • an array of launchers, valves and spools
  • tools kits for on-site intervention
  • fully equipped air conditioned control room for 24/7 working
  • first aid equipment, assorted PPE inc. safety harnesses

The core premise of our business is to improve process operational efficiency for our clients by safely removing coke and scale from tube walls and capturing the material for re-use or ethical disposal.

Removed fouling means improved throughput, reduced fuel use and lower GHG emissions.  By lowering the tube wall temperature this means less thermal stress on heater tubing, less risk of rupture and improved mechanical integrity.

Cokebusters is acutely conscious of its own contributions to emissions management.  Increasingly we are working towards improved engine efficiencies and indeed our next design will include a 30% reduction in fuel usage for the same overall performance.  Elsewhere within our portfolio you will find information on how we have made step changes on managing water quality on site with our filtration units which complement our decoking activities.

In line with our ethos of investing in our own bespoke equipment, the design, build and commissioning of CB#19 has been undertaken in house by our own workshop team.