Ten Years of Cokebusters USA

19 October 2022

A message from the President of Cokebusters USA Inc.

Although the United Kingdom is in national mourning, we feel it important to mark and celebrate the tenth anniversary today of official incorporation of Cokebusters USA Inc.

At this milestone we thank the many people who have brought the company to its remarkable success, providing high-technology engineering services to clients across the United States and nearby islands.

I recall from the outset in 2012 the encouragement and fulsome support which I received from the United States Embassy in London. We set out to construct a truly American company based on initial technology transfer and financial investment from the UK, a company to be established in Houston offering high quality jobs to American employees, paying due taxes to Uncle Sam and engaging constructively with the local community.

For the incorporation process, I am grateful for the professional input from Price Waterhouse Coopers and the Curtis Law Firm, both in Chicago. Once formally registered, Gary Winter relocated with his family from the UK to get the business started. Among our first employees were young veterans of the US Marine Corps and today our staff members reflect a broad mix of backgrounds. Ten years on, Gary is CEO and has pretty much become an American!

For those first few years the UK company provided engineers to carry out training in mechanical decoking and maintenance of specialist machinery. Our ultrasound tube inspection technology was soon in high demand with clients as the Cokebusters’ intelligent pig was developed through Mark IV to V and more recently the advanced Mark VI.

Within those first formative years it was exciting to see Cokebusters USA Inc. start to fly on its own, no longer needing visiting engineers. Responding quickly to client demand, the company soon designed and built new industrial filtration machinery, winning its own patent as it led the way in this innovative contribution towards clean energy.

Thank you to all the staff of Cokebusters USA. Thank you to clients across the USA who gave an opportunity to this new kid on the block. Thank you to Gary and Tina for their courageous leap from Portsmouth in England to a new life in Texas.

Always keen on engineering heritage, I have a V12 Merlin aircraft engine on display alongside my office. Manufactured in 1941, this remarkable world-class engine was designed by Rolls Royce UK and built under license by Packard in Detroit. I find it a grand symbol of our hands across the ocean: how well the USA & UK can work together and how strong we are when we share ingenuity and resources.

God bless America and God save the King.