What to expect from a Cokebusters in-line Tube inspection

03 April 2020

For the vast majority of businesses within the oil and gas industry, the likelihood of catastrophic failure is a very real and present danger that must be considered and minimised at all times. Pipeline inspections are one of the most reliable measures that should be taken to prevent pipeline failures that could have significant consequences for both natural and human environments.

Here at Cokebusters, in addition to our market-leading mechanical decoking service, we are also able to offer an in-line pipeline inspection service which enables a more accurate and efficient decoking service, as well as one of the most comprehensive ultrasonic testing of process piping available.

A Cokebusters pipeline inspection is carried out using the intelligent Merlin™ smart pigging system. The Merlin™ Mark IV Smartpig is a single bodied untethered device, which employs a series of ultrasonic transducers to measure tube wall thickness and internal radius at equally spaced circumferential locations along the full length of the heater coil, effectively scanning the process tubes for geometric abnormalities or defects.

The Merlin smartpig employs a series of custom-built piezocomposite transducers to gather data which is recorded and stored on its on-board memory.  This data is later uploaded via USB to a computer where it is then automatically interpreted and analysed by the Merlin™ software, in order to generate various graphical images and C-scans of the process tubes.

An initial smartpig inspection can provide major safety and operational benefits to our customer as it will equip engineers with the data required to confidently make decisions on maintenance, repair and inspection activities.

If you have any questions about our pipeline inspection services, get in touch with us today to discuss whatever needs and requirements you may have, and we’ll be happy to help.

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