Using sophisticated ultrasound technology for accurate in-line inspection

05 May 2020

A Merlin In-line inspection by Cokebusters uses ultrasound technology to provide a highly accurate and reliable inspection data, increasing decoking efficiency and allowing refinery engineers to assess the integrity of process piping within fired heaters and HRSG/OTSG boilers.

The Merlin Mark IV Smartpig is a single body tool which allows it to navigate plug headers, mule-ears and 66mm ID SR bends.  The  tool employs a series of ultrasonic transducers to make up to 30,000 tube wall thickness and internal radius measurements at equally spaced circumferential locations along the full length of the heater coil, effectively scanning the process tubes for geometric abnormalities or defects including internal and external corrosion; local and general metal loss; localised pitting and internal fouling.

The smartpig records and stores the received data to its on-board memory, which is later uploaded via USB to a computer. The data is then interpreted and analysed by the Merlin™ Insight Vision software, to output various graphical images and C-scans of the process tubes.

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