Cokebusters USA Shop Tour & Technology Demonstration

21 December 2019

Although 2019 may be coming to an end, Cokebusters USA has not slowed down in their pursuit to show clients we offer the best technology and service in the industry.

Cokebusters USA recently opened their doors to representatives from Marathon, Shell, and Chevron to showcase their fantastic facility and technology. These clients got to see firsthand the special care and dedication that the Cokebusters USA employees put into their machinery and technology to make sure they deliver world class service on every job.  The day began with a safety briefing and overview of the day’s itinerary.  The tour continued into our custom-built pig room where the clients were given a breakdown of how Cokebusters single body smart pigs are fabricated.

Once the shop tour was completed, the day ended with a technology demonstration on Cokebusters USA’s custom-built Mule Ear test loop.  The clients were able to witness firsthand how our smart pigs navigates through mule ears without modification.  Cokebusters USA would like to thank all of our clients who were able to attend and want to extend an invite to any other clients who would like to “peek behind the curtain” and see what makes Cokebusters USA so great.