Results and reporting from a Merlin pipeline inspection

18 June 2020

During a Cokebusters pipeline inspection, our Merlin™ Mark IV smartpig is able to detect and categorise a number of flaws and defects, including; internal and external metal loss (corrosion, abrasion, erosion etc), areas of pitting, bulging, swelling, ovality, manufacturing defects and internal fouling.

The smartpig records and stores the received data to its on-board memory, which is later uploaded via USB to a computer. The data is then automatically interpreted and analysed by the Merlin™ software, which can then output various graphical images and C-scans of the process tubes.

Our Insight Vision 3D software is used to produce C-scans which help to give a clearer understanding of the patterns of internal fouling. This software offers clients a fully interactive, immersive view of individual fired heater process piping.

The colour mapped 3D models provide the data analyst with a comprehensive display of dimensional details, including wall thickness, internal radius, outside radius and coke thickness, resulting in a rapid evaluation of flaws and anomalies utilising its vast array of sophisticated assessment tools.

As the only “true” way of determining if process tubes are clean, clients are given the peace of mind that comes from not simply being told their tubes are clean but also being able to see it. This detailed form of reporting demonstrates our ability to communicate the full picture to our clients, and our technicians will be able to verify the next course of action during a subsequent consultation.

If you have any questions about our decoking and pipeline inspection services, get in touch with us today to discuss whatever needs and requirements you may have, and we’ll be happy to help.

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