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If there is an unexpected delay during decoking process, will I be charged “standby” by the inspection team?

No. With the exception of delays which fall outside of our control, e.g. the non-availability of on-site support, delays during the decoking or inspection operations will not incur additional costs to the client.

How do you know where a pig is if it becomes lodged?

Lodged pigs are quite rare and can generally be resolved by reversing the flow.
During the decoking and inspection process, the progress of the pig is continually monitored using Cokebusters “InnerVision” monitoring software (a pressure/flow based system). As a pig traverses a bend, an increase in differential pressure will be observed across the pig - this is seen as a sharp pressure spike on the InnerVision display.

Using a combination of pressure and flow readings and travel times, referenced against furnace geometry information (drawings), the location of the pig is known at all times by the decoking operator.

How do you dispose of the removed coke particles?

The Cokebusters pumping units contain an integral effluent tank, which contains a two-stage filtration system. These filters will catch any suspended solids with a particle size greater than 750µm. Upon completion of the decoking process, the effluent tank will be emptied using a vacuum truck.

White types of metal can you inspect?

All types of furnace tube materials can be inspected, including CrMo, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast, incoloy etc.

Can you inspect anything other than fired heaters?

Yes, we are able to inspect any process piping between 2.5” and 12” internal diameter, where a launcher/receiver can be fitted to the inlet/outlet.
Other common applications include OTSG/HRSG boilers, transfer lines and pipelines.

How many inspection runs do you do?

As strict company policy, we always carry out a minimum of two separate inspections with different smartpigs. The second run is used to validate the data obtained from the first run. Additional inspections runs can be carried out as required by the client. No additional charges will be made for multiple inspections.

I want the inspection service, do I need mechanical decoking done first?

No, although if the pipe has been cleaned by other methods, e.g. jetting, a “sweep” clean will still be required to verify that any internal fouling/residue is removed and the passes are clear prior to inspection. A suitable pumping unit and launcher/receivers will be required to drive the inspection tool. Cokebusters are able to carry out inspections worldwide, using either our own pumping units, or in conjunction with a pumping unit provided by a third party.

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