Plug header navigation made easy with Cokebusters

16 April 2020

Despite rapid growth in popularity of pig decoking over recent years, misgivings remain about tube u-bend damage and the questionable ability of soft core pigs to fully remove hard coke without skidding over resistant patches. Refiners all over the world are all too familiar with the known concerns about scraper pigs, and our aim here at Cokebusters was to overcome these.

Our patented scraper pigs are neither solid bodied, nor soft core. This sets the technology apart from scraper pigs currently in use and achieves an optimum combination of strength, durability and flexibility. In order to ensure the exact blend, our decoking pigs are of a complex laminated construction, with each pig being produced through eight separate casting processes.

A problem many of our clients have faced in the past is being requested by a number of different decoking companies to cut out their plug headers and replace them with return bends before a mechanical decoke can be attempted. This is because their decoking pigs would not be able to navigate through the reduced throat section of the plug headers.

We have resolved this problem for our customers by being able to manufacture custom pigs that compress sufficiently to navigate plug headers, whilst still remaining hard enough to remove the coke deposits. This eliminates the need for clients to modify their process tubes, saving them both time and expense.

Cokebusters patented scraper pigs are manufactured at our UK Technology Centre in Hawarden, Cheshire. This guarantees consistent quality control and provides valuable opportunity to cast pigs to suit particular client requirements.

If you have any questions about our mechanical decoking services, get in touch with us today to discuss whatever needs and requirements you may have, and we’ll be happy to help.

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