Cokebusters Celebrates Continued Success on Both Sides of the Atlantic

21 May 2019

Cokebusters Ltd. and Cokebusters USA Inc. both stole some time from their busy work calendars this summer to celebrate continued international growth and success. Chairman, John Phipps, and Managing Director, Glen Gamble, travelled down to London on 28th June to receive the Queen’s Award from HRH The Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace.  This was a proud moment for them both and they returned home keen to thank everyone at Cokebusters who has worked hard over the years to deliver a consistently high standard of service to our clients around the world.

Employees and their partners were invited to a party at Cokebusters HQ in Chester, UK on 17th August and across the pond Cokebusters USA celebrated with a family fun day on August 10th.

Referring to the Queen’s Award when he addressed everyone at Cokebusters Ltd., John Phipps said “...when we export to our own premises in Texas, in turn our American colleagues there export onwards to Canada and Mexico.  This award is a big ‘well done’ to all our staff.

In Chester employees came together to celebrate Cokebusters’ achievements with a hog roast buffet, a free bar and a live band… all leading to some interesting shapes being thrown on the dance floor later that evening!

Three Normandy Veterans from D-Day Revisited attended and John Phipps took the opportunity to present Royal Navy Veteran, John Dennett, with an Africa Star.  He had never received this medal, despite having landed allied troops on the coast of Africa during Operation Torch.  John was very surprised by this gesture and pleased to have this missing medal at last!

John Phipps also paid tribute to Nathan Mottrom, who insisted on attending the party with his Mum and Dad – Janet and Lee, both valued Cokebusters employees – despite having had major surgery earlier that day.  Everyone was thrilled to see him, including John Dennett, who had met Nathan a year or so earlier during a visit to his school for Remembrance week.

On a typical scorching summer’s day in Houston, employees of Cokebusters USA cooled off on the slip and slide, with most of the employees using the kids as a good excuse to have a go!  The Rodeo Bull was another a great source of amusement with everyone trying to better the beast, despite how fruitless it seemed!

Coriena Spikes and Jessica Colondres did an excellent job organising the day’s events and special thanks also go to Joseph Heiman and his wife Brittany for preparing the delicious food.

Since it’s beginnings in 2005, Cokebusters has been a family of misfits!  However the company has always tried to actively recognise the important contributions made by its valued employees on a daily basis.  We are very proud of our family ethos and so as the company continues to thrive and grow, we will endeavour to find more ways of sharing this success with those who keep the wheels in motion.  These were our first summer parties, but we hope they will not be the last!