Cokebusters Announces Alliance With Tube Tech International

28 June 2019

Tube Tech International (TTIL) is a global leader in research-led, high tech cleaning and inspection services, constantly investing in and developing tried and tested, step change methods to solve heavy industries’ most difficult cleaning challenges across the world.

For 30 years, TTIL has been providing cleaning and inspection services for static heat transfer plants, providing significant savings to clients by reducing downtime, cutting CO2 emissions, increasing throughput and improving safety standards.

TTIL’s prime objective is to provide customers with proven, research-driven, high-tech cleaning and inspection services to solve even the most demanding cleaning challenges with the assurance that our methods will achieve significant savings, reduce downtime and CO2 emissions, increase throughput and improve safety standards.

TTIL continuously invests in research and development to design and deliver new and better methods for cleaning static heat transfer equipment within all heavy industrial sectors.

In 2018/19, Tube Tech International’s research and development arm has been awarded multi-million-euro EU Horizon 2020 funding to work with academics and industry leaders to design and develop next-generation fouling removal technology for the wider industry.

Click here to visit the Tube Tech International website.