Working with Gold-Vision

26 May 2020

As part of our continued growth, we recognised to update our internal processes to keep pace with the demands of the business. In order to deliver these improvements, we recently started working with Gold-Vision – a fully customisable sales, marketing and support CRM platform.

Our Commercial Manager, Duncan Cully, discusses the many ways in which this service has been of huge benefit to Cokebusters.

“As an international company offering specialist mechanical decoking and in-line tube inspection, we are active in almost every country. Although not high-volume, our contracts are generally quite high value.

“I joined the company 2 years ago and during this time we have increased our marketing and sales efforts.  This has led to a 20% increase in opportunities compared to last year, however tracking and reporting on opportunities, as well as sales forecasting, were becoming increasingly difficult for us without a CRM.  In addition to this, we had no formal system for storing customer data. Gold-Vision was able to solve most of these issues for us.

“The previous company I worked for used Gold-Vision to drive the sales process successfully and I could clearly see the benefits it could offer Cokebusters. The services we use were selected following a number of discussions with Gold-Vision where I outlined our current position, where we needed to be and how we wanted to achieve this.  Gold-Vision filled in the gaps.

“The results of using their services have been exactly as I expected them to be – excellent! Gold-Vision has enabled an accurate and more defined process for us, with much easier reporting of key management data.

“As a company to work with, Gold-Vision have been both efficient and friendly. Their CRM gave us everything we wanted.

To find out more about Gold-Vision and their services, you can head over to their website here.

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